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Our club is a charitable sporting organisation that has a number of annual costs that need to be met, so that we can exist and provide the competitive environment that so many local people enjoy. Most of these costs are met through donations from local businesses, players, benefactors and fundraising drives.

This, however does not mean that we have money to burn, or that we can meet ever rising costs.

We strive to give local people an enjoyable, physical, disciplined view and experience of the sport we all love, at a level that suits them. This means that we provide training sessions and venue bookings for those that strive to reach the top level of our sport, court availability for those wanting a little fun, beach facilities during the summer months for junior and senior players with coaching for certain abilities, and junior events at local and national levels.

If you would like to join our family of sponsors, please complete the following form and let us know. If you know what you want to sponsor, please include these details so that we can suggest a donation.

Anyone wishing to make a donation must fill in the Sponsor details form below.

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